Welcome to paradise

Welcome to Everyday Exotic Cocktails. I’m getting ready to launch my first book, “Everyday Exotic Cocktails, Florida Edition.” In this book are fifty awesomely simple recipes for delicious exotic cocktails. The recipes contain ingredients you can easily find in your local grocery store, there are very few special ingredients. By utilizing fresh fruit and homemade syrups, all of the cocktails have amazing flavor and they’re super simple to make.

I choose Florida themed drinks for my first book because it’s known as a vacation paradise. I’ve lived in Florida for over twenty years now and feel I’ve earned my Floridian badge. I proudly wear this badge and revel in the tropical paradise I get to experience everyday. I feel Florida sometimes gets the short stick when it comes to being recognized as a tropical paradise. We have hundreds of varieties of palm trees throughout the state. We have 1197 miles of gorgeous coastline. There are 663 miles of beaches with many different types of sand, from pristine white beaches to coquina rock beaches. We are home exotic creatures like the manatee, the alligator and the Florida panther. We grow beautiful tropical plants in our front yards like frangipani, hibiscus and bird of paradise. Florida is truly a tropical gem and I hope to convey this to you through my original cocktail recipes.

I’ll share bonus recipes here along with tips, tricks and advice on stocking your own home bar, ¬†and entertaining the Everyday Exotic way.

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